About ArtsPower

Finding high quality theatre performances for young audiences that are artistically exceptional and educationally sound is a real challenge. When children watch professional theatre performances, especially during the school day, their teachers need to know that their time is well-spent on experiences that promote learning, provoke thought, and encourage pro-social values.

To meet the needs of teachers, administrators, theatre presenters, and parents, ArtsPower National Touring Theatre was established in 1985 for the purpose of creating and touring outstanding, spirited theatre that speaks to and resonates powerfully with elementary and middle school-aged children and the adults who accompany them to see professional theatre performances. 

Since our start, ArtsPower has helped to light up the hearts and minds of more than 14.5 million children and adults by bringing our musicals and dramas directly to young people in grades PreK-9, their teachers, and their families in first-run theatres, performing arts centers, university auditoriums, and schools. Our 34 original productions have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles across 49 states, District of Columbia, and Canada.

ArtsPower has been privileged to work closely with several of America’s most beloved authors for young readers, including Judy Blume, Lois Lowry, Paula Danziger, E.L. Konigsburg, Patricia Reilly Giff, Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Megan McDonald, and Tammi Sauer, in creating theatrical productions based on their acclaimed books for young readers.

ArtsPower’s compelling productions address themes and values that connect with teachers, parents, and young people, like empathy, honesty, trust, compassion, and perseverance. These are the same values that have sustained ArtsPower as one of America’s leading sources of meaningful theatre for more than 35 years.

ArtsPower supports our live performances with comprehensive Study Buddy educational guides that help teachers integrate the subject matter and themes of our productions into their classroom lessons and discussions.


In 2020, due to the restrictions imposed on live performances by the pandemic, ArtsPower Theatre On Demand was established to offer our performances online. In addition to these online performances, a full complement of grade-specific lesson plans for educators and interactive learning activities for students was created around each production.

ArtsPower Theatre On Demand provides families, schools, and presenters with front row seats to ArtsPower’s colorful and engaging musicals and dramas. We offer easy and affordable access to our most popular productions and student learning experiences, including instructional videos on how to sing and dance musical numbers from our shows, exclusive interviews with our authors and creative team members, and opportunities for adults to post artwork and videos created by their children.

Until the time when ArtsPower can safely tour again, we are very excited to invite you to experience ArtsPower Theatre On Demand. We hope you will join the nearly 2,000 families, educators, and presenters from around the nation who have already signed up!

Our Mission

ArtsPower’s primary mission is to improve young people’s lives with new, literature-based musicals and dramas that highlight the most transformative and thrilling aspects of theatre – the live presence of professional actors, the robust sounds of a beautifully composed and orchestrated musical soundtrack, and the dynamic expression of well-crafted sets and eye-catching costumes – that strengthen children’s connections to family, peers, and their own feelings, and promote justice for all.

To accomplish this mission, ArtsPower makes our compelling theatre productions accessible to elementary and middle school children both live, by touring our them to throughout the United States and Canada, and online through ArtsPower Theatre On Demand.

Our Purpose and Commitment

To ArtsPower’s professional artists, presenters, educators, volunteers, and parents who work to improve the quality of life for children, we maintain our commitment to promote a more just society for every young person and adult, regardless of their race, religion, personal preferences, or economic status, who experiences our work. We will continue to share stories that encourage people to stand up for equality, justice, and dignity for all, and fight against injustice and prejudice in all its forms.

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