Our Original Work

ArtsPower has created, produced, and toured the following musicals and dramas. (The year represents when the show was originally produced.)

ArtsPower’s original musicals and dramas are based on well-loved and popular literature for young readers, and captivating moments in history. All of them maintain ArtsPower’s hallmark: the emotional power of our values-infused plays.

The beloved American authors for young readers with whom we have collaborated give high praise to ArtsPower and our work.

Renowned author Judy Blume, author of the popular book “Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great,” talked about her collaboration with ArtsPower:

“ArtsPower’s adaptation of my book, Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, is fabulous (and that’s coming from the author!). I’ve seen the show several times and I always cry at the end, remembering how much I loved the first musical I saw on stage, when I was nine. I know there are kids in today’s audiences who will come away feeling the same magic.”

Two-time Newbery Medal-winning author Lois Lowry, who authored the book “Anastasia Krupnik” that ArtsPower turned into a musical in 2001, said:

“I was astonished that when watching the dress rehearsal of ArtsPower’s adaptation of Anastasia Krupnik, I found myself choked up. What a wonderful thing: to have your own material presented in a way that makes it new and fresh and moving, even to the original author! I give ArtsPower my personal, individual standing ovation.”

James Preller, the author of “Jigsaw Jones and the Case of the Class Clown,” blogged on his website about the musical ArtsPower created based on his book:

“I loved the show! It was extremely well done. I watched in that theater feeling just so thankful, and happy, and proud of what I’d done, and what ArtsPower had done, to make my little six-thousand word story come to life in a totally different way. There it was up on stage – breathing!”

We are very gratified that ArtsPower’s original work elicits such positive responses from the authors who allow us to turn their books into stage productions. More gratifying, however, is the power of ArtsPower’s productions to promote positive values in children.


Since 1985, ArtsPower has been dedicated to creating and touring professional, Broadway-style musicals and dramas, most of which are based on popular and classic children’s literature. Our actors, stage managers, administrators, and creative staff work to ensure that audiences experience compelling, entertaining theatre of the same artistic quality and educational soundness that seasoned theatregoers expect and enjoy.

It is our pledge to continue to challenge young people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions with high quality theatre that encourages pro-social values and behaviors so that young people can that positivity into their own lives. Our work will continue to encourage children to read, inquire, and question so they can develop the necessary cognitive and reasoning skills to effect positive change in themselves and others.

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