Fantastic Musicals Based On Children’s Books

With school out for the summer, you might be wondering what on Earth you’re going to do with your kids for the next 10 weeks. You’re not alone! My children have had all their summer camps, classes, and activities canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With pools, libraries, and parks closed as well, I’m wondering how long my sanity will last. Thankfully, there are quite a few virtual options that can help ease the boredom. I’ve partnered with ArtsPower to bring you this post about their new ArtsPower Theatre on Demand program and the fantastic musicals they’ve adapted from children’s books.

The first class that ArtsPower is offering is based on the goofy picture book, Chicken Dance by Tammi Sauer. I signed my five-year-old daughter up for the Chicken Dance course and she loved it. She immediately got sucked into watching the full-length play. She loved the bright costumes and fun songs. It’s silly and funny and just right for her age. We also had a great time learning how to sing and dance the “Chicken Dance” number from the musical, watching the book read-along, and watching the interview with the author.

If your child likes musical theater or you’re looking for something to occupy your kids for a few hours, this is a fantastic course to enroll in. It ended up being perfect for my daughter. She loves musicals, so she was 100% on board with this class. I liked how this course gave us access to the full-length play and provided us with enrichment activities like learning the song and dance steps.

One of the coolest things about ArtsPower is that they’ve adapted dozens of children’s books into musicals. They tour the country, performing these plays for audiences of all ages. Whether they’re funny, poignant, classic, or all three, each of these children’s books has made it to the stage thanks to ArtsPower and their creative vision.

Even though they can’t do any live performances right now due to the pandemic, this is the perfect time to read some of the children’s books they’ve adapted into musicals. So if you want to introduce your child to the theater, sign up for a Theatre on Demand: Family Edition class ($15) and read these books with your kids so you’re ready when ArtsPower takes the stage again.

By Dena at Batch of Books

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