Any show in ArtsPower’s repertoire can be presented as a sensory-friendly performance. With advance notice, we can make simple modifications to help audiences with a variety of special needs enjoy their theatre experience.

ArtsPower produces fully-staged, one act, literature-based musicals (mostly) for young and family audiences. Our shows do not feature flashing or strobe lights.

Show Adaptations

  • House lighting will remain at a suitable level for the audience’s comfort. Our stage manager will consult with the venue’s technical staff to determine the appropriate level.
  • Sound volume will be lowered and remain constant to prevent abrupt or jarring sounds.
  • Children are free to talk and vocalize as they wish during the performance.
  • For sign-language performances, a copy of the script is available in advance upon request.
  • Post-show Q&A is always available upon request.

Suggestions for Venues

  • Appoint knowledgeable, compassionate volunteers in key locations to help guide patrons around the venue and to field questions.
  • Limit the number of tickets sold to maintain a comfortable-sized audience. Large crowds and packed houses can spark anxiety.
  • Start the performance on time. If the performance will be delayed, make an announcement.
  • Prior to and during the performance, keep the house lights at a low level.
  • Make audience members aware of a clear exit strategy should a prompt departure be necessary.
  • Establish quiet areas outside the performance space for anyone who needs to leave the auditorium.
  • If possible, set up a monitor near the quiet area so those needing to leave the auditorium can keep up with the performance.
  • If possible, offer tactile objects or fidget toys to audience members.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 973-239-0100.